Monday, November 8, 2010

Koyal Rana Spicy Hot Images

Birth Name: Koel Rana
Hometown: Delhi
Occupation: Model
Ethnicity: Asian
Origin: India

Koyal Rana from Delhi and a disciple of St. Thomas High School in New Delhi. She won the Miss Teen India 2008 sponsored a beauty contest of TVS Scooty. She was a candidate of the Miss Teen International 2008, was a competition for young girls in the age group of 13-18 years. She represented Germany at the Miss Teen International held in Chicago from July 24th to July 26th , 2008.
Koyal Rana New Delhi is the feeling of the next generation of talent in the glamorous world of New Delhi.

Koyal Rana has the tender age of 15 years, the glamorous world of her beautiful smile, Fitness and symbolism of beauty, shocked when she was crowned Miss Teen India 2008, sponsored a beauty contest of TVS Scooty. The winner of this diva of Youth in 2008 when Miss Koel Rana (Koyal Rana) who has a lot of social work and Koyal Rana is not only hot, sexy and beautiful face, but also academic, social and responsible.

Date of Birth Koyal Rana
Koyal Rana was born fourth January 1993. Aquarius Koyal Rana as the anniversary of Koyal Rana is in January. As Aquarius head- Koyal Rana be born is a world leader glamorous in the next generation.

Education Koyal Rana
Koyal Rana is good at her university, she has a good knowledge of mathematics. Schooling Koel Rana from St. Thomas High School in New Delhi. Language of Koyal Rana spoken English, Hindi and Punjabi and she is also fluent in three languages.
Thus Koyal Rana the young hot girl Delhi is a rule in the next generation in this glamorous world and this is clearly demonstrated by the photos hot Royal Rana. View photo gallery sexy Koyal Rana below.

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